A recent study by the University of Oxford gave an overview of georeferenced tweets sent between March 5 and March 13, 2012. The chart below shows the trends and the content production country by country.

The size of each block represents the number of tweets sent from that country and the shading reveals the number of geocoded tweets as a proportion of that country’s Internet population.

The six largest countries in terms of information production via Twitter are:

  1. United States

  2. Brazil

  3. Indonesia

  4. the United Kingdom

  5. Mexico

  6. Malaysia

It’s interesting to note that only two of the countries in that list are in the Global North. Some numbers might be inflated. For instance, Twitter classifies nearly every georeferenced tweet from Singapore as coming from Malaysia. In Italy and Germany, the situation is quite unfavorable to Twitter, where the most important contents come from small niches or specific sectors, such as journalists, entertainers and artists. The Netherlands, as expected, is a good tweet-laboratory.

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