Ice and Space: research at Concordia Station

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Concordia Station, which opened in 2005, is an Italian-French research facility in Antarctica. The tenth winter-over mission involves a team of 13 people. We had the pleasure to speak with Adrianos Golemis (Greece), the ESA-sponsored medical doctor.

– Dr. Golemis, can you describe your activity and tasks as the ESA-sponsored medical doctor at Concordia Station?

Good morning, first of all let me say that i am very happy to be here and would like to thank the European Space Agency for that. Concordia Station, which lies in Dome Circe, in the heart of the Antarctic, has 2 Medical Doctors: one is responsible for clinical assistance and treatment of the crew; the other position, which i currently hold, is about medical research. Every year European Universities propose medical experiments for Concordia and ESA selects the 10 best ones to be implemented.

My activities include executing, overseeing and amending (when needed) these medical experiments. For that i am in frequent contact with the principal investigators back home. But all people at Concordia Station are not only concerned with their primary jobs: There are housekeeping tasks to be done, like cleaning the floor, washing dishes or similar, which we all share. In some ways it is like a commune and that is quite a shaping experience. We also have secondary roles, for example the ESA doctor is responsible for emergencies outside the base, while other members of the crew have trained as firefighters.

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